This ain’t exactly The Beatles stepping off the plane for the first time in America. However, one out of two (Mick) ain’t bad, as long as I don’t trip, which it looks like I am about to do. One of the few times you will see me sporting an FM t-shirt, as wearing our own swag was a definite no-no for me. (Can you say “walking billboard” boys & girls?) Mick of course, looks deluxe (which lasted about 10 seconds after feeling the African humidity) & made his usual grand entrance upon landing at the airport in Accra, Ghana to begin his solo album “The Visitor”.


Christine sporting a beret & a smile. David Elliot sent this in from his collection & I wanted to post this up for you all to enjoy. Another moment in time on the “Mirage” tour. “Here’s lookin’ back at you kid”.


healyhub: Hey UK punter reporting for Buckigham Nicks record problem, just by where I live (Liverpool) there's a guy who sells his old records, he lives two doors down from strawberry fields so if anyone in this damn country has it it's him.mind it won't be cheap the fucker got me out £50 for two Hendrix records, he's a proper nasty old cow but he's got some good music, unfortunately his price is a bit high for me so if it's found elsewhere could someone maybe message me? Thanks richard&punters :)

I will post this for the benefit of our UK family & thanks for the tip. I have been pricing them online & boy have they gone up in price! Have ordered one already & am searching for more that might still be reasonably priced. Will keep you informed & get them to you in the UK as I get them. Thank you.


Anonymous: Mr. Dashut, thank you for the great job you're doing with this blog. The pics and stories are awesome. However, some of the "questions" you're posting lately are fairly ridiculous, particularly the ones proclaiming to have info on Lindsey and Mick's sexualities. If either one of them actually said what a previous "punter" said they'd said about this topic in any interview, it would've been huge headlines in every publication in the free world and mentioned in every band profile, don't you think?

Ya I do, but do to the large amount of questions I get on this subject, that I don’t post, I felt I had to address it. I am more on your side though, but want to try to give everybody some respect, because they genuinely want to know. Everybody’s interests are different & as long as they ask respectfully, I will try to accommodate them. I am not here to judge others, just trying to unite us into a positive force using Fleetwood Mac as the common thread. As far as the frequency of these sexual questions, I have also been addressing more of them lately to dispel these “Rumours” per say & set the record “straight”. Thanks for caring.


Anonymous: In retrospect, do you feel you could have been a better producer if you were not under the influence of marijuana?

What a great question & I want to be as honest as I can. First of all, I am not endorsing the use of marijuana to any of my followers out there. Everybody is different & we each need to seek our own path. What I am about to say applies to me only, I make no attempt to speak for others. This is also a deeply personal question in my life & I am glad you asked, so I can search my own soul for the answer. As I have stated before, do not use pot to fill a personal void, but rather to add to your inherent, god given talents. I know, because I tried to fill a void as a teenager. I was insecure & looking for a career path when I first started. Unfortunately, at first, it did nothing but confuse me, giving me another perspective on life before I got a handle on the first one. This brought me even farther from my quest of understanding myself at such a young age. But as fate would have it, one of the side effects of me being high was a sudden intense interest in music. Albums & songs made much more sense to me now with this different perspective. The more I stripped away my old sense of self, the more I understood the music. By my last year of high school (no pun intended) I was smoking pot & listening to records, including Fleetwood Mac’s “Than Play On”. This finished me off from any kind of academic career & started me hanging out with musicians. The farther I got from my seemingly unknown career path, the closer I got to music, almost like a dependency. After graduating high school I still had no idea of how I was going to earn a living, & pot did nothing to help this cause, even making me more insecure about my future. As luck or fate would have it, my music dependency was almost overwhelming & while waiting for a job at 20th Century Fox Movie Studios, an opportunity to work at a Hollywood recording studio presented it self. This was like pitching a softball to the “Big Papi” & I just hit it out of the park. By the time I found myself in the producer’s seat co-producing the “Rumours” album, I was still smoking kind & actualizing my new found perspective. If I had not smoked marijuana, I think I would have dwelled more on my own insecurities, rather than surrendering to the music & the creative process. In other words, I might not have survived the first record, instead succumbing to my own mental crap. I am not saying I could not have pushed past this state on my own, without the help of the “ganja”, but no guarantees that “Rumours” would have turned out the same, for better or for worse. Again, everybody is different & please do not use my experience as a metaphor for your own. If I may, I would like to finish answering your question with a quote from the end of my favorite poet, Robert Frost’s poem, ” The Road Not Taken”.

I shall be telling this with a sigh

Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.


thesanepsycho: Also a UK punter here in desperate search for a copy of Buckingham Nicks! So if anyone could help me out here?

I’m trying to locate more now to help out our UK family. Have located another one already, my brother Joel volunteered his copy. Will find more. I will post this to see if anybody else out there has an extra one they want to share also. Hang on, we’re coming to help. I know they are next to impossible to find in the UK.


Here is a picture just sent to us by Ray Lindsey, Lindsey Buckingham’s guitar tech extraordinaire for many years. Ray was also the first & the original backing guitar player for Lindsey, playing on hundreds of shows during “Go Your Own Way” on stage with the band. Ray is an accomplished guitar player himself & we were lucky to have him. Here he is seen between Ken Caillat & myself, next to the booze table in the band’s dressing room, probably after a show. Thank you Ray for sharing your photographic memories with our followers to enjoy.



Wow, got to share this one with you. One of our followers has already stepped up & offered our UK Punter a copy of their Buckingham Nicks Album. I will try to locate one first, but this is the kind of spirit of sharing that is starting to develop here. We cover each others back’s, & I love It. The creme is already rising to the top & I want our community to be a cut above the rest, hallmarked by class, sensitivity, sharing, & giving. Let’s show the world the power of the next gen future & how we can change it for the best, with FM music as the common thread. I believe the first pebble has been cast in the center of the pond today, creating a ripple that will transform to a positive wave, hitting the shore of world influence soon. We can change the planet, you are not helpless, it starts here & now and we can all feel proud today.

The spirit of love is alive, I believe it is being safeguarded by the young, as their secret weapon to save the planet. There is no other way.